Mweslee - Eurocarne
EU12" Vinyl
Mweslee - Megaplast Ep
Megaplast Ep
EU12" Vinyl


Diego Cobo aka 'MwesLee' is an artist and producer located in Vigo, northwest Spain.
For anyone involved on the beats and instrumental hip-hop-electronica scene worldwide for a while, Mweslee is not a stranger.

On the early 90's, after playing bass in rock bands while devouring tons of hip hop tapes, in 1996 he started deejaying in different clubs, selecting a menu including rap, acid jazz or illbient as ingredients. Without refusing other styles he opened his mind to drum & bass, post-rock, abstract electronica, and the logic progression led him to plot his first beats as producer, with the only help of a groovebox, in an abstract hip hop wave, back in 1998.

In 2005 he established, alongside with other 'headz', the Arkestra collective, essential catalyst for the Spanish underground scene, turning into a reference point inside the European circuit of unconventional hip hop, soul or electronic. Shortly after, he was selected among hundreds of applications to represent Spain in the Red Bull Music Academy, which that year took place in the US city of Seattle.

In January 2006, he launched his first 12", 'Megaplast EP' on Nod Navigators/Kindred Spirits, six themes of instrumental hip hop of great musicality with an electronic twist, what became an early touchstone for the then incipient scene due the emotional and melodic intensity and use of synths and electronic textures in a hip hop /R&b context.

The underground slap "Un Joder Suave" was one of the hightlights of Beats Dimensions Vol 1 and his recent 'Chandal 500 / Jamas Jame Jamon' 7" on 'All City Records' is one of the best records of the year, and easily stands out in the greatly received '7x7 Beatstrumental' concept series.

He probably was, alongside other european producers like Dimlite, the missing link beetwen Dilla, Madlib, Prefuse 73, Dabrye etc, and the new school of beatmakers like Dorian Concept, Flying Lotus, Rustie or Hudson Mohawke.

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