Aardvarck - Pigstyle
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From the early 80s upto the present hes been in the avantgarde of all major dance genres.

Over the years, Den Bosch (The Netherlands) born Aardvarck (Mike Kivits) has built up a solid reputation of uncompromising quality and versatility in the electronic scene, first in The Netherlands as a DJ and later also internationally as a producer. Starting in the mid eighties as a DJ, playing ALL forms of dance music, he went through all the genres and trends dancemusic has seen over the past 20 years and has played about every club in Holland, including residencies at clubs like the Roxy, Vriesuis, Paradiso, Club 11 and Bitterzoet.

Early nineties saw his first release as a producer, a techno record on the legendary Djax-Up-Beats label. It went quiet for a while on the recording side, until both Delsin and Rush Hour Recordings picked up on his music late nineties. The releases of some 12s on both labels led into the release of his much acclaimed Find The Cow album on Delsin in 2002, an eerie sounding electronic beats album.

Not much later, Aardvarck made the move to reside in Amsterdam. It was here where he became really prolific on the club scene, partnering with the Rednose Distrikt DJ- collective, creating artistic freedom for themselves, playing anything from jazz, soul and hip hop to broken beat, house and techno.

Being inspired by many different genres of music, he picked up one of his old loves; Techno. Once again he started producing some techno tracks, reminiscent of the early nineties Detroit sound, one of his big inspirations. He handed the first results results to Rush Hour, and the Cult Copy series was born, with Cult Copy 2 being the highlight so far, with many a big club DJ playing and charting this dancefloor monster. Now an album is cultivated. Nobody knows what the Cult Copy series will lead into or what Aarvarck will bring us next, but he sures lives on to being the legend they call the Aardvarck.

Company Barkers
Contactperson Iduna Loing
Website http://www.barkers.nl